Cancer treatment option utilizing Immuno-Augmentative Therapy (iat) is exposed through new book, A Last Stand, An American Tragedy 
Fact: A Last Stand.  An American Tragedy.
The reality of the words “You have cancer” has the ability to affect every person on the planet.   Six million people a year will die after hearing those words and another ten million people every year will hear those words for the first time. No one is immune from this dreaded disease that strikes without discrimination.
What you will not hear from the Cancer Establishment is that for over twenty years there has been a small group of scientists and medical physicians controlling cancer without the toxic side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, producing results and remissions that have shocked and surprised the medical world.
David James’s new revelatory book, A Last Stand, An American Tragedy, crumbles the thirty year wall of mis-information and controversy about an alternative cancer treatment developed by the late Lawrence Burton Ph.D., a maverick, self exiled research scientist from St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan.  The author exposes what agencies in the United States Cancer Establishment did not want heard by an American public desperate for answers to the cancer puzzle. David James takes the reader on a journey from Dr. Burton’s amazing breakthrough in cancer research to remarkable cancer remissions to the blackballing of an American scientist who refused to play ball on the establishment’s terms. Revealed to the reader is a major discovery in cancer research that has helped thousands of people control their cancer and a secret agenda by mainstream medicine to discredit this scientist and his living and breathing statistics. Dr. Burton’s results were remarkable and he had made headlines across the globe (Sixty Minutes and New York Magazine also did full stories on him) by controlling cancer after conventional medicine had failed. 
The more people Dr. Burton and his medical staff helped the more harassment he was subjected to from the competing cancer establishment.  He decided to leave the country with his research team and set up a research laboratory and treatment center in Grand Bahama Island where he could continue his research on terminally ill cancer patients without harassment, vowing to return to the United States with more pieces of the cancer puzzle.  At the height of his clinical success (with over five hundred patients that were deemed terminal were alive and well, including government officials,Judges, corporate CEO's,  the former United States Governor of Georgia, and medical physicians) a rumor was created in the United States by the cancer establishment that his serum was giving his patients AIDS.  The clinic was forcefully closed due to pressure from U.S Health Agencies on the Bahamian Government.  Weeks after the closure, his patients started dying at an unprecedented rate without the life saving serum Burton had been administering to them.  Thousands of people pleaded on the steps of Capitol Hill for a federal investigation. 
This led to Congressman Guy Molinari spearheading a congressional hearing on this scientist's alternative cancer treatment as well as the validity of the AIDS accusations. What followed was riveting testimonies from patients, from all over the globe, which according to all medical authorities should have died years ago.  Congress had determined that all the allegations of AIDS in the serum were bogus and Congress was able to re-open this scientist's facility.  It was determined that a huge medical conspiracy was at the root of the allegations and the clinic is open today helping cancer patients through out the world who take the brave journey to his research and treatment facility. 
The author was thrown into the politics of cancer when a loved one was diagnosed with an aggressive form of liver cancer.  David James’s actions had thrust him into a race against time uncovering the facts about this misunderstood cancer treatment and will take the reader back in time to the famed congressional hearing on the validity of the treatment which had uncovered one of the biggest medical conspiracy of the century.
The timely nature of this story is that the United States Government and the impressive research group, the RAND Corporation, had released a Governmental study on this scientist's results.  The findings of this ground breaking study are presented in this book in an easy to understand dialogue and are an encouraging validation of this scientist's controversial past. 
After Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery this treatment is one of the most widely used alternative treatments for cancer.  This is the only book that documents the whole story.   Many will want to know the story behind this scientist's nontoxic approach and the reasons WHY this treatment has never been available to cancer patients in the United States. 
This is a story of human compassion, struggle and the continuation of treatment and research at any cost in order to save the lives of dying patients.   A must read for anyone who has cancer, anyone who knows anyone with cancer or anyone whoever thought about cancer.
This book will be of benefit to anyone who wants to know the hard facts about this viable option to treat cancer that may save or extend your life or the life of a loved one if they ever fell prey to this disease.
                                               David James
                                               Author: A Last Stand,
                                              An American Tragedy. 
    Alternative cancer treatment is exposed through new book
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  Last Stand
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Alternative cancer treatment is exposed through new book. 
Cancer treatment is exposed through new book. 
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